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My Graphics

These are some graphics that I created back in the 90's for my website. They can still be seen today on a few other sites.
Can't say exactly when I first noticed my content being used. E-mails were sent to a few and never got a response. I suppose in some small way it's my contribution to drive-in culture, online anyway, and when I come across a site using it can say "I made that!" and know its for a good cause. The preservation or promotion of drive-in theatres.
Anyone wanting to copy these for their site, please do. All I ask is a post or an e-mail to let me know where, a link to my blog wouldn't be such a bad thing . 

Created to link to the state open drive-in listings

Was used as a tiled background on the guestbook page, my attempt "Googie Drive-In"

Another graphic that originally had the woman in the stand more towards the middle and the couple on the left sitting next to each other. When you hovered over the image the woman moved to the window and the girl in the couple slid over as well as if to get the ticket.

The Select-A-Page was used to navigate the pages. Fully animated, the buttons actually pressed in when you clicked on one then poped back up when you clicked the next

Official site logo

Went from the home page to the second

Went to guestbook 

This is a Camden, NJ. Lions Club pin my father-in-law gave me. These pins were traded between state members at a convention and he ended up with two. I'll have to look into the date. Actually had someone contact me once about selling one. Of course I didn't.

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