It's Intermission Time Folks!


If you have any drive-ins to add or know a change of status for one, please post them.
Thank you, The Management 

The Skyline Drive-In Theatre - 1950 - Shelbyville
*converted to digital but still needs help to pay the monthly fees

Starlight Drive-In -1953 - Bloomington
*new owners looking to convert to digital as soon as they can raise the capital

Tibbs Drive-In Theatre - 1967 - Indianapolis
*converted to digital

Georgetown Drive-In - 1951 - Georgetown 

Try-Way Drive-In - 1953 - Plymouth
*accepting donations to convert , selling merchandise as well as advertising at the theatre

The Holiday Drive-In - 1955 - Reo
*converted to digital

Lake Shore Drive-In Theatre - Monticello
*converted to digital

Huntington Drive-In - 1950 - Huntington
* drive-in for sale, site does not state the reason or if they will re-open

Starlite Drive-In Theatre - 1946 - Mechanicsburg
*needing donations to help convert to digital

49er Drive-In Theatre -  Valparaiso

Melody Drive-In Theatre - Knox

Cinema67 - Spencer
*converted to digital

13-24 Drive In - 1949 - Wabash 
*this drive-in is non-profit and supported by donations

Holiday Drive-In Theatre - 1961 or 62 - Mitchell
*had a fund raiser weekend to convert to digital, but may still be in need of support

Canary Creek Drive-In - Franklin

Skyvue - New Castle
*not sure of it's status, link is to Facebook and seems to have some conflicting comments

Holiday Drive-In - 1955 - Reo
*in the process of converting to digital

Centerbrook Drive-In - 1950 - Martinsville 


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