It's Intermission Time Folks!

Help Save A Drive-In

This is a list, still being updated, of drive-ins that are asking for help or selling merchandise to make the conversion from film to digital.

Some already have, but still need help to pay for the equipment.

Others need help for overall renovations.

If you wish to donate or purchase merchandise, please visit their website!

Thank You!

Route 34 Drive-In - Earlville, Illinois
*asking for donations to convert to digital

 Galva Autovue Drive-In Theatre - Galva, Illinois
*please show your support of our effort to convert to digital projection by purchasing a nostalgic novelty lapel pin for only $5 at our snack bar!

 Comanche Drive-In Theatre - 1966 - Buena Vista, Colorado
 *donations being accepted for renovations  

 The Skyline Drive-In Theatre - 1950 - Shelbyville, Indiana
*converted to digital but still needs help to pay the monthly fees

 Starlight Drive-In -1953 - Bloomington, Indiana 
*new owners looking to convert to digital as soon as they can raise the capital

 Try-Way Drive-In - 1953 - Plymouth, Indiana
 *accepting donations to convert , selling merchandise as well as advertising at the theatre

 Huntington Drive-In - 1950 - Huntington, Indiana
* drive-in for sale, site does not state the reason or if they will re-open

 Starlite Drive-In Theatre - 1946 - Mechanicsburg, Indiana 
*needing donations to help convert to digital

 13-24 Drive In - 1949 - Wabash, Indiana
*this drive-in is non-profit and supported by donations

 Holiday Drive-In Theatre - 1961 or 62 - Mitchell, Indiana
 *had a fund raiser weekend to convert to digital, but may still be in need of support

 The Skowhegan Drive-In - 1954 - Skowhegan, Maine
*donations needed to convert to digital

Pride's Corner Drive-In - Westbrook, Maine
*donations needed to convert to digital

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