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Friday, January 30, 2015

The Wal-Mart of drive-in theatres?

While looking up drive-ins to add to the state lists, I came across an article dated Oct. 1, 2014 on Bloomberg Business. The food chain, Johnny Rockets has made a deal with USA Drive-Ins an Indiana based business to open 200, yes you read right 200!, drive-ins by 2018.

The plan is to charge admission for the show, people could then place orders with Johnny Rockets at some of the venues and have the food delivered to their cars.

If so, could they possibly become the Wal-Mart of drive-in theatres?
The fact that a large business is taking a risk or even entertaining the idea to open 200 new drive-in theatres, shows the drive-in is still relevant and embedded in American culture.

They estimate between 500 to700 cars per showing.

Will it present another threat to drive-ins just as small business claimed Wal-Mart did?
Only time will tell, since there are so few drive-ins now, hopefully there wont be to many built close to existing ones. Chances are it will mostly impact those drive-ins in larger cities. In any case it will mean more competition for some owners. Drive-ins have made it through tough times and competition isn't anything new. It might mean coming up with a few ideas, but I'm sure some will manage. 
At the same time they could introduce a whole new generation to drive-in movies, but it still wont be the same feel as the older drive-ins offer

Here's the links to each site:
Bloomberg Business article.

USA Drive-Ins - preserving and bringing back an American Classic

From Johnny Rockets News Page

Thank you, The Management

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